The Foundation of Sustainable Living Website

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Website Development Committee

Mission Statement:

The website comes out of a desire to preserve knowledge in a central databank, compile our research and data, and make available to our network and the public necessary information on sustainable living if a system breakdown should ever occur.


  • Upload major documents, write a cookbook template, develop a functional messaging center for members and the public.
  • Setting up bulletin boards, with space for public input.
  • Teaching the public how to use WIKI, and designing the website so it is easy to navigate and participate.
  • To develop and maintain a user-friendly, interactive website that represents FOSL’s vision and displays all core documents.
  • Designing the website to easily allow public input and encourage sharing of information related to sustainable living.
  • To provide information for the public about FOSL, our focus and activities, and how to get involved.
  • Public access to a central database of articles, links, and compiled information about all the ways to live sustainably and create businesses aligned with those values.
  • To have an independent communication tool for FOSL members.
  • Member Area: Committee Meeting Minutes

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