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The Foundation of Sustainable Living (FOSL) is a non-profit Organization whose specific purposes are to teach, preserve, and expand knowledge about, and the implementation of sustainable living, within nature's bounty, in socially harmonious communities.

Summary of Current Status
FOSL is an IRS 501c3, and through its core governing documents, an educational non-profit organization. A legal inheritable use of the land model is being designed as a Land Trust that will enable members to have equity, equal voice, and buy/sell/inherit shares in the community. The Foundation will manage the funds for buying land in different regions, for funding Community Supported Agriculture, Community Supported Sustainable Manufacturing & Businesses as well as Educational and Service Organizations. FOSL is based on framework of a democratic, council-style Governance model designed to be adaptable to each regional community, with each bio-region represented and integrated in the whole network. FOSL believes that people require both privacy and community to reach their full potential.

Current Core Members
A core group, the Leadership Council (LC), has been formed and is meeting to further the Vision and Purpose of FOSL. FOSL has a Board of Directors, and a number of working councils and committees preparing and planning for the future. The LC and committees have been doing extensive research; reviewing draft documents and proposals outlining the vision and possibilities, creating brochures, attending to the initial legal aspects of building community, and researching land for acquisition.

Please visit FOSL's ever-evolving Library to review our legal documents and learn more about FOSL.

Membership Privileges and Benefits
FOSL is an organization that values equality among members. All members have a voice and a vote.
~ Workshops and presentations with FOSL founders and other experts
~ Invest in yourself and plan for an uncertain future
~ Develop positive life skills and technical skills needed now and in the future
~ Plan for perpetuity
~ Create a knowledge-based sustainable community aligned with nature and one another
~ Participate in a movement for change
~ Engage in lifelong learning and create libraries of resources for future generations
~ Connect with people who share your values of permaculture and an aligned community
~ FOSL Newsletter and web site