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The Foundation of Sustainable Living

The Foundation of Sustainable Living is a non-profit organization dedicated to building the social structures, skillsets, and technologies needed to live within nature's means. FOSL promotes and teaches local responsibility for building: sustainable food, fiber, shelter, fuel, biodiversity, and community.

What is sustainable living?

To preserve the resources that our children and grandchildren depend on for future survival, by living within the means nature provides. Learning to live peacefully with one another. Teaching the next generation sustainable skillsets, both technical and social. Stewardship of the earth's web of life.

Why is it so important now? FOSL believes that within the next decade because of climate change, overpopulation, diminishing resources, and deteriorating political systems life will change for most of the world’s population. Life in developed countries may be affected to a greater degree because the common citizen is disconnected from the production of their basic needs.

What are we working towards?

  • Preserving sustainable social and technical skillsets
  • Building sustainable farms supporting and supported by sustainable villages as models for the future
  • Localizing food, fuel, fiber, agrarian needs, and establishing trading partners in regional networks
  • Forming and sustaining relationships between communities, people, and organizations
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