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Foundation of Sustainable Living

Our Vision, Goals and Plans

Changes Coming and The Reason For FOSL: FOSL assumes that there will be major changes in the way we have lived in this country and the World in the next 20/30 years. These changes will require the localization of the means of production for food and many other necessities to enable us to live in a cultured fashion.

Unavailable Knowledge: At FOSL we believe the knowledge exists to live in comfort and peace in a sustainable way. We believe that the knowledge required is from the past, present, and future. Yet, very few people raised in the last few generations own such knowledge at the use level.

Lack of Generational Continuity: The past knowledge of how to live locally within nature has not been passed on to the children who are or were our parents and grandparents. FOSL has been formed to dig out, dust off, acquire new and monitor future information which will allow us and those who follow us, to live in peace with one another and be good caretakers of all of nature and its web of life, both socially and technically.

Sustainable Knowledge Base and Our Debt for It: FOSL believes the knowledge of how to live within nature has been developed with brilliant mental effort, patience and hard labor over the last 600 generations. We owe a great debt to our ancestors and must preserve what they so painfully learned and tried to pass to us. The application of knowledge of a sustainable heritage, by doing and teaching, is our major responsibility to the future generations.

Blended Diverse Community: By blending older folks, younger people and families, with all participants working to improve, capture sustainable skills, and teach one another knowledge about self-sufficiency, from cradle to grave, we can assist in a great turning away from our destructive ways to a new sustainable order of life. FOSL believes there is still the opportunity to build a skill set lifeboat into time before the larger society slows down.

Location as a Lifeboat: Research tells us that a village surrounded by sustainable farms in a low population area with sufficient water for now and projected into the future, has the best chance to preserve and teach what the future will require.

FOSL Governance: FOSL is self-governing using councils and committees democratically, balanced by elders, youth and gender which evolves as needed. Leadership is shared consensually and validated based on merit. By using modern and historic methods of relating to one another founded in taking personal responsibility, respecting each other, participating in life-long learning, working for the best for our communities, a peaceful and productive culture will be nurtured. Sharing the support and effort to help children, young adults and older folks live in community to learn, teach, and practice localizing production is the social side of the sustainability solution.

Technical Sustainability: The technical side of sustainability is using a “Permaculture” model for living within and on a given area’s biological web of life, utilizing what, with good husbandry, nature produces annually, leaving a better place for those who come after us. The use of clustered green co-housing, smaller residential units with some common central facilities, organic agriculture, small scale localized manufacturing, and building a competent local medical infrastructure are all part of the physical sustainable equation.

The Leverage of Working Together Financially: By combining our financial ability to purchase property and infrastructure and sharing equity under the umbrella of non-profits, we can focus our ability and means to acquire what is needed bio-region by bio-region. The long term vision of FOSL is to develop parallel sustainable culture with farms supported by villages area by area where the future weather projections offer the best chance of success.